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About Anchorage Alaska

Check out the local highlights while you’re here, and discover what Anchorage - and Alaska - have to offer. Whether you’re seeking accommodations for a business trip or a wildlife adventure tour, Duke’s 8th Avenue Hotel offers a central location for all of your travel needs.

From its location in the heart of downtown Anchorage, directly behind the new Dena’ ina Convention center, Duke’s 8th Avenue Hotel guests have easy access to the Visitor Information Center, William A. Egan Civic & Convention Center, the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, the Anchorage Museum of History and Art, and a variety of other entertainment and fine dining choices. Enjoy live music or a local art show, or experience the enchantment of Alaskan Native culture through various forms of art and learning.

But if nature is what’s calling you to Alaska, there are plenty of adventures to be had just steps from the hotel door. An old joke goes that one of the best things about Anchorage is that it's so close to Alaska. Unlike any other city its size, the wilderness begins right at the edge of town as the Chugach range begins to rise even within the city limits. There are even areas along green zones in Anchorage where bears are known to travel and moose in the city are a common winter sights.

Surrounded by majestic mountains and the fresh sea air, Anchorage is the ideal location to find year-round recreation, seasonal festivities, wildlife viewing, sporting events and more. Rent a car or take a shuttle deep into Denali National Park to encounter stunning landscape and exhilarating wildlife, or visit Portage Glacier, one of Alaska’s most-loved tourist destinations. Just a few minute’s drive from the city center, you can view moose, bears, orca whales, rare birds, and of course, the breath-taking Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. There’s no shortage of fun and adventure in this part of the world!


Anchorage enjoys a maritime climate and the warming effects of the ocean currents results in winter temperatures that are quite mild. Temps around 20 degrees F. are typical through much of the winter, making this a great winter destination.

During summer the days are so long they seem endless. Explosions of flowers grace homes and storefronts, live music is everywhere and catching as well as eating Alaskan wild salmon is on everyone's mind.

With all of these choices and more right at your fingertips, Duke’s 8th Avenue Hotel is the perfect destination for your stay in Anchorage!

Contact us now for more information on local events and activities, or pick up a tour brochure in our lobby when you get here.

Dukes Hotel Anchorage Alaska

Dukes Hotel Anchorage Alaska

Dukes Hotel Anchorage Alaska

Dukes Hotel Anchorage Alaska

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